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Publisher Development Manager (US Market)

RemoteCanada, Ontario, TorontoPublisher Business Development

Job description

- Find, evaluate and negotiate placements with online publishers;

- Promote MGID platform and speak credibly to potential publishers about how we can drive value for their businesses;

- Manage online media planning/buying, campaign development and performance analysis for clients;

- Optimize placements and targeting for online media buys;

- Work closely with the client team to ensure a successful implementation of the publisher's solution;

- Independently build a large pipeline of leads, track, pursue and close deals.

Job requirements

- Experience in digital media buying is a must;

- Strong prospecting, writing, presenting, negotiating and oral communication skills;

- Deep understanding of the industry, technologies, website monetization, and online advertising. Need to know digital media buying on the CPC, CPM, Rev Share, RPM;

- Consulting sales approach with the ability to figure out prospect needs and provide a thoughtful campaign solution in order to close them;

- Keep up and learn within a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing and growing;

- Relevant college degree or equivalent in publisher digital sales experience preferred;

- Organized, diligent, tactful and a team player;

- Rolodex of contacts in the digital publishing environment is a substantial plus.

At least 1 year experience with Native Advertising is a definite plus!